Yahoo Answers

26 Feb 2010
Yahoo Answers can be a really easy place to find referrals. If you are a blogger, you'll probably have realised that the links created are "nofollow" and therefore not great for link building, however, the amount of traffic often generated is still worthwhile. All you need to do is find a question relevant to the subject you are trying to promote. So if I was trying to promote points2shop, for example, I'd look for something related to Xbox live points. Answer their question sensibly and then leave a sentence to let them know about your site.

The great thing is that Yahoo Answers rank really high in google, so the page will see a lot of traffic. The more people that read your reply, the better your chances are of finding some referrals. I'd advise using a link masker so that your referral link is not so obvious. is nice because it allows you to personalise the final link.

Answer as many questions as you like for maximum link exposure.

First Post

20 Feb 2010
Right, now that the blog is up and running I'll be adding updates on a regular basis. At the moment I have a few guides which you can find on the sidebar and you can expect more to appear there over the next few days. I'd like to take this time to fully endorse IMM forums, a lot of my inspiration and techniques were discovered there.

I hope that you'll find the information here useful and remember to check back for all of the latest referral tactics.

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